Ionut Secu

Originally from Romania, I got my first taste of the mixology life seven years ago when I took up a summer job as a bartender. Immediately intrigued by the creativity of the craft , I began to explore and master the art of cocktail mixology.

Spending the following years travelling Europe, working in a number of five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants, it is not until I travelled to Ireland that I discovered Pichet.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere, the dedication to their craft and the desire to make sure everyone has the best experience possible are just some of the shared ideals that immediately made me feel at home.

After a lot of hard work, we have since taken Pichet’s small restaurant bar to a fully fledged after-work destination. Infusing their own liquors and mixers, constantly experimenting and offering a huge selection of spirits, it is no surprise that Pichet’s bar has recently been nominated as Best Restaurant Bar and the People’s Choice Best Bar in the Sky Bar Awards 2018.